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Government must lead the way in ending dominance of London

Government must lead the way in ending dominance of London

01 Oct. Manchester, Ind, Guardian, Telegraph, Photo Ind


Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Conservative leader, has attacked the “Tory psychodrama” surrounding speculation over Theresa May’s leadership and ruled out standing as a candidate herself. At a fringe meeting she said:

I’m not standing to be the leader of the party. I don’t sit in the House of Commons, let’s get back to why we are here – to talk about the real issues and not about the Tory psychodrama.

Day one of Conservative conference 2017:

Afternoon summary

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson is to tell her party’s conference that the country must become less “London-centric” and the Government should lead the way by moving government jobs north.

Ms Davidson, who is widely credited with saving the 2017 election for the Conservatives, after her party gained twelve seats in Scotland, will make the case for the union, but will say that “the Union [must] be spread evenly – and not just based in London”.

Ms Davidson has been widely tipped as a future Conservative leader, but has so far shown no indication that she wishes to leave the Scottish Parliament for a Westminster seat.

The speech comes after the Scottish Tory leader called for “serious people” to take charge of Brexit – a comment seen as an attack on Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson – arguing that “over-optimism” about the future of Britain outside the EU “sells people short”.

On Ms Davidson’s watch, the Conservatives have become the second largest party in the Scottish Parliament, overtaking Labour in the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections, which means she leads the formal opposition in Holyrood.

Were it not for the party’s growing popularity north of the border, the 2017 election would have been even more disastrous for Theresa May.

The Conservative party conference begins in Manchester today. Two years ago, in the same place, attendees were hit with eggs and prominent cabinet ministers booed in lengthy protests outside the conference venue.

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