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Borris Johnson:’whole Cabinet united’ behind May on Brexit

Borris Johnson:’whole Cabinet united’ behind May on Brexit

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Boris Johnson has used his Conservative party conference speech to praise the prime minister, claiming the party is “united” behind her vision for Brexit.

There have been calls from members of the Cabinet for Theresa May to sack Johnson, after he courted headlines with his own Brexit “red lines” in the days leading up to the conference.

But when the foreign secretary took to the stage in Manchester, he insisted: “Based on that Florence speech on whose every syllable, I can tell you the whole Cabinet is united.”

He made a number of attacks on the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the shadow chancellor John McDonnell – dismissing the idea that Labour had won the 2017 election called by Theresa May, in which the Conservatives lost their majority.

She won more votes than any party leader and took this party to its highest share of the vote in any election in the last 25 years – and the whole country owes her a debt for her steadfastness in taking Britain forward as she will to a great Brexit deal.


Like many other speeches at the Tory conference, Johnson put up a staunch defence of the free market economy, while dismissing the Labour party’s vision, which he called the “zombie” ideology of 1970s socialism.

Labelling Jeremy Corbyn a “Nato-bashing, Trident-scrapping, would-be abolisher of the British army”, he accused him of siding with Nicolas Maduro’s regime in Venezuela “simply because they are fellow lefties”.

At a time when the world should unite to condemn Venezuela’s Maduro, we have the leader of Britain’s official opposition giving cover to a government that is jailing opponents, shooting demonstrators, intimidating journalists and repressing human rights.

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