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And sign improved England contract

FA confident Gareth Southgate will reject any Premier League job offers

FA confident Gareth Southgate will reject any Premier League job offers

The FA are confident Gareth Southgate will turn down any Premier League jobs if he is offered the chance to return to club management following his success at the World Cup.

FA bosses know Southgate could be in demand after guiding England to the semi-finals in Russia but they hope he will extend his contract beyond the World Cup in 2022.

Southgate’s current deal – which runs to Euro 2020 – is worth £2.5million a year and the FA plan to offer him an extension that will double his wages to £5m a year.

That figure will still be lower than what the top earners in the Premier League are paid, with Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho taking home £15m a year.

FA chief executive Martin Glenn knows Southgate will be attracting interest from top clubs but he is confident the 47-year-old will not walk away from England.

Glenn said: “Gareth is on a journey. He loved the World Cup, he has built his own belief that we can go further and that journey for England motivates him and Steve Holland.

“We want to be a top-four team in the world. It is unfinished business because we are not there yet. We had a great World Cup but we are not where we want to be. The great thing when you have relative success is that you can see the potential. It is exciting.

“Gareth has been excellent. He really gets the set up, he understands the talent coming through and we would like him to stay until after 2020. We can never compete with the Premier League in terms of pay, everyone knows that. But it is our job to make it [his contract] competitive. We have to make sure him and all of our people are competitively rewarded.”

The FA plan to hold contract talks with Southgate when he returns from a holiday.

Glenn said: “We want him to stay until after 2020. We both would like that but we have not talked about that in any depth. If we did it would be a contract discussion. He is on holiday now and we will talk about that when he gets back.

“He has really blossomed and it was fantastic seeing him first hand under pressure situations in Russia. He is the definition of a modern manager. He gets the fact that it is not just about picking the team, it is all the aspects behind the team.

“Gareth will say that he has benefitted from a support team – strength and condition has been great, the attacking and defensive coaches – but he has been brilliant.

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