The Telegraph reports that EY, one of the Big Four auditing firms, has started monitoring employee office attendance. The management of the company will keep an eye on the electronic passes that workers use to enter the office to identify those who work from home more frequently than is customary. Similar measures have previously been introduced by the law firms Clifford Chance and Slaughter and May, and managers at Bank of America have threatened to discipline hybrid employees who don’t meet minimum office requirements in letters to their staff.

Those who don’t show up for work as often as necessary will probably be the first to be let go. Additionally, IBM threatened to fire staff members if they did not return to their offices to work. They must report for duty at least three days a week, and badge data will be used to track attendance.

Many business owners started discussing the necessity of getting workers back into the offices last year. They claim that when a team has some members who work remotely, the team’s overall productivity suffers. Companies can’t, however, go back to the pre-pandemic work style entirely because most workers are used to working remotely and will only accept a hybrid schedule, which requires them to visit the office two or three times a week at the very most.

Harper Colin

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