According to City AM, Nuclera, a Cambridge startup, believes it to become a unicorn in the next five years. Companies with a $1 billion or more valuation are referred to through this name.

With a focus on biological research, Nuclera assists researchers in promptly identifying the proteins required to develop novel medications and vaccines. Representatives from the company claim that their technologies can shorten the time it takes to find and create new drugs from years to a few days. The startup is working with Deepmirror, a Cambridge AI startup, and Google Cloud’s AlphaFold2 artificial intelligence program. The principal financiers of Nuclera are Verve Ventures, Amadeus Capital Partners, M&G Catalyst, and RT Partners. To date, the company has raised £65.3 million ($82.2 million).

Michael Chen, the CEO of Nuclera, hopes to become a unicorn through a buyout by a bigger business or an IPO, or initial public offering, of shares. Nuclera intends to hold an initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange concurrently, a sign that investors’ and entrepreneurs’ trust in the London markets hasn’t been restored yet. Chen pointed out that the London Stock Exchange (LSE) has performed better than it had in the previous two years, and he made the suggestion that listing again in five years would be appealing.

Marlin Gred

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