EasyJet Holidays, the airline’s travel division, has introduced a unique deal for families wishing to travel abroad with their grandparents. According to The Guardian, one senior citizen traveling with his child and granddaughter may be eligible for a complimentary ticket as of February 1. When you get to the hotel, you will have to show identification as proof of your relationship.

Taking multigenerational family vacations is one of the most popular post-pandemic trends in the travel and tourism sector. An easyJet survey found that half of families have never taken an elderly relative on a foreign trip. A survey of 2,000 Britons revealed that 59% of them wanted to spend more time with their grandparents, and 54% wanted to be able to take them on more trips.

While 35% of respondents stated they expect their grandparents to support them financially when they go on vacation, 45% of respondents acknowledged that their grandparents make the most money in the family. Of those surveyed, 39% said they would ask their aging parents to cover only a portion of the cost, and 21% said they would only ask for one or two dinners during the entire trip.

The most popular countries for vacations with kids and aging parents are Spain, Greece, and Italy, which are among the destinations included in the program.

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