The news that Charles III had been diagnosed with cancer and would be receiving hospital treatment was released by Buckingham Palace on February 5. The issue of oncology and its treatment in the UK received a fresh boost of attention as a result of this news. The data was unsatisfactory: 65.2% of patients did not wait more than 62 days after their initial visit to the doctor to begin treatment, whereas the desired percentage was 85%.

As per the most recent official data from November 2023, 10% of patients were not able to get treatment within 31 days after being diagnosed with cancer. Because of lengthy wait times and a lack of specialists in National Health Service (NHS) hospitals, 282,560 people were compelled to receive chemotherapy in private clinics between 2018 and 2023. According to The Guardian, 13,900 patients covered their own treatment costs; the remaining individuals paid for their care through insurance.

According to the NHS, the UK has lower cancer survival rates than other European nations for nine of the ten most prevalent types of the illness. According to Cancer Research UK, the UK’s progress in cancer treatment has slowed down in 2023 and is at its worst point in the previous 50 years. The primary causes are excessively lengthy waiting lists, delayed diagnoses, and unequal access to care.

Marlin Gred

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