New regulations that criminalize cyber flashes, death threats, and flickering images that cause harm to epileptics will take effect in the UK on January 31. The government website carried the news about this.

The law also addresses disseminating content that incites people to self-harm, sending explicit photos of someone without their consent, and sending false information with the intention of causing serious harm. The most severe punishment, up to five years in prison, is imposed for the latter crime, which frequently targets children. Individuals who choose to exact revenge on their former spouse by sending private images of him to unknown parties run the risk of spending six months to two years in prison; those who send private images of themselves face the same penalty over AirDrop or dating apps.

The primary story is the enactment of “Zach’s Law,” the first legislation of its kind worldwide. It is intended to shield epileptics from online trolls who frequently send them flickering images. These files have the potential to seriously injure people’s physical and mental health and cause epileptic seizures. The child Zach, who launched a fundraising campaign for the Epilepsy Society charity on the social network X (formerly Twitter) at the age of eight, is credited with giving the law its name. A few individuals started posting pictures and GIFs of the flickering effect in the post comments, which prompted multiple people to report having seizures.

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