The former head of a Russian bank who oversees a charity connected to a “Kremlin front group” gave $25,000 to Dominic Raab.

It follows calls for Mr. Raab to resign over his opulent beach vacation in Crete during the fall of Kabul.
It is now possible to disclose that Dmitry Leus, the UK chair of a Russian society suspected of having ties to Vladimir Putin, gave money to his local party.

Layla Moran, the foreign affairs spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats, stated last night that Mr. Raab’s decision “clearly cannot be trusted.”
“These disclosures raise even more serious questions about the sources from whom Cabinet Ministers choose to accept sizable donations,” she continued.

For “campaigning costs,” Mr. Leus paid the Walton Conservative Association and Esher three times.

In 2007, he had a conviction for money laundering from 2004 overturned in his home country.
Michael Wynne-Parker, the head of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society’s British branch, controls the fund’s finances. This organization is suspected of seeking to increase Russian influence in the Middle East as US influence in the region dwindles.

Sergei Stepashin, a former chief spy, is in charge of the IOPS internationally.

IOPS was described as “not independent of the [Russian] government” in a 2008 US State Department cable that was taken down.

Furthermore, the group was deemed “one of the clearest cases I have seen of a Russian influence operation reaching the highest levels” by Dr. Andrew Foxall, who was the director of the Russia Studies Center at the Henry Jackson Society think tank in 2019 and is currently employed as a civil servant at the Ministry of Defence.

Harid Flex