The UK continues to receive Russian oil despite sanctions, according to reports from Global Witness and the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA). According to the BBC, researchers have discovered that it is processed in other nations before being resold, which genuinely does not break the ban.

Global Witness estimates that in 2023, the UK imported about 5.2 million barrels of refined Russian oil. Most of the fuel (4.6 million barrels) was used for aviation, and researchers claim that it was used on each of every twenty British flights. The main sources of imports were nine refineries across multiple nations, including China, and three refineries in India (Jamnagar, Vadinar, and New Mangalore).

According to CREA, petroleum products were imported into the UK for a total estimated value of £569 million between December 2022 and December 2023, earning the Kremlin more than £100 million in tax revenue.

According to CREA and Global Witness, they based their findings on data from the International Energy Agency, Eurostat, Kpler, a data analytics company, and other sources. While acknowledging that some of the data might be erroneous, they highlighted strong evidence, such as the fact that Russian oil exports to India have increased since the sanctions were put in place, and that India has been importing more diesel and aviation fuel into Britain.

According to the UK government, since 2022, it has not imported any Russian oil products.

Marlin Gred

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