According to a statement posted on the government website, the UK reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% between 1990 and 2022, making it the first of the 20 largest economies in the world to accomplish so. In contrast: France cut emissions by twenty-three percent, while in the US, things have stayed largely the same for thirty years.

The switch from coal to renewable energy sources is primarily to blame for Britain’s success. By the end of 2024, coal is predicted to have contributed zero percent to the UK’s electricity production, down from nearly 40% as recently as 2012.

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The pandemic and the cost of living crisis, according to Energy Security Minister Claire Coutinho, had a significant impact on the statistics from the previous years because there was less of an active reduction in emissions. Coutinho emphasized, though, that the UK has plans to cut emissions by 68% by 2030 and is not going to stop there. Major corporations, who in September announced an additional £30 billion in investment in the energy sector, are anticipated to provide support to the nation.

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