The first major release from the most recognizable device maker in the world since the iPhone’s launch nine years ago, the Vision Pro headset, arrives in stores this Friday. A lot is riding on the $3,499 model for the tech giant’s first venture into virtual or augmented reality, which is anticipated to be a doorway into the next phase of online life following smartphones.

To persuade customers that this headset is the ideal choice for them, the company has a great deal of work ahead of it. Although detractors concede that it is cutting edge and has a “wow” factor, they also point out that the headset is heavy on the head and that using your eyes to open and close apps that float in midair is challenging.

They also mentioned that the entire setup could be more portable and that numerous wires were hanging down.

Furthermore, there were not many apps available for the headset at launch that were made especially for it. For instance, the headset’s spatial audio technology isn’t used in any games, and it doesn’t have any Netflix or YouTube apps.
To experience the headset firsthand, schedule a demo at any Apple Store beginning on February 2 at 8 a.m. The classes will run according to first-come, first-served. According to Apple, a store employee will walk customers through pairing the headset with their iPad and go over all of its features.

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