Princess Xenia Florence Gabriela Sophie Iris of Saxony, Germany, made history by being the first aristocrat to appear topless in a photo shoot for Playboy magazine. This was a ground-breaking move. She wants to use this daring move in the local edition of the publication to spread the idea that “every woman is inherently beautiful as she is.”

Despite being a Dusseldorf native, 37-year-old Xenia asserts her ancestry as a member of the ancient Wettin family. She has gotten parts in TV series such as a dancing competition and the German edition of I’m a Celebrity by using her royal connections. She has also done photo shoots for international fashion publications like Vanity Fair and Vogue.

She has declared that she intends to encourage young women to be more self-assured about their bodies and will not use her title in her magazine role. She has also dismissed concerns expressed by Victor Lownes and Hugh Hefner, who oversaw Playboy for many years, that she might be poisonous. According to the ex-playmate, there was nothing toxic about Hefner and Lownes, and they were both incredibly kind people.

Xenia expanded her quest for her prince charming in England last year when she participated in the BBC Three reality series Undercover Princesses. A group of royal claimants were left to “fend for themselves” in Essex by the rather clever idea, living like regular people and working in hair salons, cafes, and cricket shops as they “trawled the pubs, clubs, and supermarkets of Essex for the one.” After five hours of intense television, Xenia struggled to select suitors and left Germany without a new prince. She has written candidly about her traumatic early life experiences.

Robert Henso

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